EMPAF exists to support, develop and advocate for participatory arts in the East Midlands. By working collectively, members of the Forum create a stronger voice for an arts movement that, over the last thirty years, has consistently demonstrated it has the power to transform lives and generate success. EMPAF currently has three distinct elements that are mutually supportive:

As an organisation EMPAF works regionally, nationally and internationally with the aim of providing a platform for communication and the development of the participatory arts sector in the East Midlands. EMPAF also aims to work in partnership in the support of similar work around the UK. It is currently funded by Arts Council England to deliver on a three year programme of work.

  • The EMPAF Partnership is an independent organisation set up in June 2007. It was established by a small group (currently five) of experienced individuals who, alongside their work running participatory arts organisations, have committed their time to delivering the three-year development Programme of training, promotional and networking opportunities as well as acting as a steering group for the Forum.
  • The EMPAF Federation includes, key, well-established participatory arts organisations from throughout the East Midlands that support each other through: skills exchange, sharing practical advice and guidance, promoting stories of their work collectively to wider audiences and joint training and development initiatives. (For more detials see the EMPAF Federation Group profile).
  • The EMPAF Network is open to anyone working, volunteering or interested in what they consider to be ‘participatory arts’. The Network is there to bring together and support, for example; participatory artists at different stages of their careers and experience, workers in other sectors that are developing participatory arts and groups and organisations that are keen to know more about the arts movement.

Through these three elements EMPAF aims to understand and provide what people want and need so they can succeed in developing high quality participatory arts that transforms the lives of the communities they work with.

Benefits of EMPAF membership:

Peer support, advice and guidance, access to information about funding, training and employment opportunities, meeting the people and increasing your recognition within the sector, building confidence, improving quality, helping to increase job security, enjoyment and fun, strengthening the future of participatory arts for all.


Jane Millum
EMPAF Coordinator
120a Hartopp Road
Email: info@empaf.com
Telephone: 07984199477