Free Artist Talk: François Matarasso

Free Artist Talk: François Matarasso

Thu 10th July, 2014, 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Professional Development talk led by professional artist François Matarasso, as part of Transported's ongoing Quality & Innovation Programme

François Matarasso has worked in community arts for over 30 years, as a practitioner, a researcher and a writer. Between 1981 and 1994, he ran community arts projects in London and the East Midlands. In 1994, he published a handbook for arts animateurs and in 1997 the first large study of the social impact of participation in the arts (Use or Ornament?). He has worked on community arts programmes in many European countries, as well as countries like Colombia and Burkina Faso. His current work – which includes the Transported project The Light Ships – is grouped under the title ‘Regular Marvels’ and includes work on amateur theatre, art in old age and artists as migrants.

In this talk, François will draw on some of those experiences to reflect on the continuing importance of art in community life, the questions it can raise and the wonderful things that can result. The talk will be very informal, with plenty of time for discussion and sharing ideas. To see more about François’ work, visit:


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