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Jill O'Sullivan

Jill O'Sullivan

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Community choirs and choral groups across Lincolnshire are invited to contribute to a mapping project which will enable opportunities for people to sing for fun to be identified and signposted.

Choral ensembles, glee and folk clubs, social singers, barbershop choruses and amateur operatic groups in addition to church, gospel and community choirs are all invited to join the ‘Lincolnshire Sings!’ register, which is being managed by soundLINCS on behalf of Lincolnshire Music Service. Participating organisations are simply asked to complete a short questionnaire: the mapping and dissemination of the information provided is then monitored by the soundLINCS team in accordance with the guidelines of the Data Protection Act.

‘We’re looking forward to hearing from hundreds of choirs from all over Lincolnshire!’ says soundLINCS CEO Nikki-Kate Heyes. ‘Their feedback will enable us to build a resource which will not only show how much singing goes on in our communities, but which may ultimately influence funding decisions, encourage new singers and help identify performance opportunities. It could even lead to choirs sharing their enthusiasm with others, whether by working with local schools or with other music-making groups.’

The initiative is an extension of the ‘Lincoln Sings’ project (see group Facebook page) which has already established that there are more open choirs than supermarkets in Lincoln city alone.

For more details on ‘Lincolnshire Sings!’ and a copy of the questionnaire, please e-mail

soundLINCS is a community music organisation operating across the East Midlands.

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