Amy Edwards


I currently work for Charnwood Arts as project manager for "Here - Our Voices" - a project funded by The Bearing Foundation, developed by Charnwood Arts, which seeks to support refugees and asylum seekers to gain access to and develop in the arts. Running since January this year, “Here - Our Voices” has already seen more than 30 young unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers engage with cultural and creative activities, from theatre trips and gallery visits to debates and participatory workshops. These opportunities have increased language skills, self esteem and developed relationships amongst peers and with the local community.
“Here - Our Voices” seeks to uncover arenas in which individuals and groups can identify and develop practical skills that are transferable to employment and personal development. Establishing strong media and international links, “Here - Our Voices” is working towards ensuring a strong network of resources that will enable forced migrants of all ages to find a voice in the arts to communicate with their community. With these focuses, it is hoped that “Here - Our Voices” can support forced migrants in projects of longevity, where the bigger picture is the major motivation.


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