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Creative writing practitioner. I'm a creative writing practitioner from NE Leicestershire. I'd like to be considered for literary work in collaboration with your arts organisation.

For nearly twenty years I’ve supported literacy in schools. Within that role I got to tell many stories. After completing a Certificate in Creative Writing at Lancaster University, I won a local short story competition with The Fosseway Writers. That story called, ‘Off The Beaten Track’ headlines my mini short story anthology available in ebook called ‘The Heavenly Road Trip.’ These are a mixture of thought provoking easy reads. Also, there’s a Paralympic story called ‘Still First’ on there.This encouraged me to go onto write a debut novel called, ‘Get Over It’ which is published through Onwards & Upwards. This work was inspired by my volunteering at a local day hospice. For the research I became friends with a loss and bereavement centre for children. I’ve been into both venues to run workshops for them and remain a supporter. It tackles the loss of a parent in a hopeful manner. In 2010, I won another short story competition, the Unique Wring Publications writing for adults with ‘Love.’ This is to be included in an American anthology called, ‘Spiritual Awakenings’ with GisG Heavenly Publishing.



Poetry inclusion

Poetry inclusion

Sun 29th January, 2017

My poem 'Our Picasso Dish' was included in poetry anthology 'Welcome to Leicester' ISBN 9780995634404. Read More »

The Real Me story Reading

The Real Me story Reading

Wed 22nd April, 2015

At the Writing for Liberty Conference last week I read a short story that can be downloaded here: Read More »

Past Events

Sat 25th June, 2016

Fri 19th June, 2015

Get Creative Writing- Adult Learners Week

Get Creative Writing- Adult Learners Week


Come along to join an award winning short story writer in practising some techniques to help write your own story.Have fun using tools to help start the process and learn from the modelled examples... Read More »


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