Isabel Jones


I'm a product of a complicated childhood, from an eccentric and poor family that will keep me in stories and art work for life - all that makes me have to be pretty inventive I suppose. Although a classical dancer and musician by training I seem to have found myself in contemporary performance art where there is both room to have big concepts as well as improvise along the way. I dislike homogenised thinking, so I stand up for the individual, and relish the sort of collaboration that involves giving up artistic territory, as well as fighting for values and ethics, rejecting hierarchies and petty bureaucracies. I suppose that pretty much makes me unemployable by choice. I set up salamanda tandem in 1989 but I've always been a self employed artist, and never tempted for a moment to go for a 'proper job'.

I see a lot of pain around and I try to be an advocate for change...and with disabled people in particular. I believe change needs to be brought about 'with' people and I've seen how it can happen when we make art together. For folks with resources like me we have a choice to change and we owe it to others to make it happen - I don't see the point in harboring or holding onto things that prevent one from moving on or being happy - I know I have a choice. 

Apart from being an artist I'm also a yogi and yoga teacher. Yoga practice can provide me and others with the backbone / stability needed to make the toughest of decisions and live through the toughest of situations. So  I make myself get up of a morning and do 'adho mukha vrksasana'' - sanscrit for 'handstand' which I hold for 45 seconds - after the difficulty of that everything else seems possible!!


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