Marcus Clarke FRSA TV Puppetry, Puppet Making and Puppeteering.


I hold workshops and courses in Puppet Making and Puppeteering for the Screen for all ages. I supply everything required. In my day Workshop Students create a simple lipsinc capable Hand Puppet, Give it a character and perform it on screen in short improvised scenes with other Students and Puppets.   Basically I teach students how to create a recorded Puppet performance of their own on Video Camera. One that they could then upload to an internet outlet like You Tube. I supply the Puppets, Puppet Making material and all of the Camera equipment. I also give Talks on Creating Puppet Characters for Television in a variety of lengths and formats subject to your requirements. Some using established TV Puppet Charcaters like those from Dappledown Farm, Havakazoo and Milkshake. For more information please see the educational pages on my website.



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marcus clarke
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07909 824630


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