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Mark Stammers – Visual & Fine Art             

Painting and sculpture/public art - freelance artist, exhibiting, tutoring & workshops. An artist with a strong ability to communicate the learning and enjoyment of art, with mainly abstract painting in his own practice relating to the complexity and poetry of everyday living, but very highly experienced at teaching figurative art with painting or sculpture. Offering illustrated how to hand outs to accompany workshops. 

National Public Art pieces: The Motional Figure - Located in Surrey, for the opening of the London Olympics 2012



Astley Castle (Photos & workshops) - The Landmark Trust 2011 - 13 

The Density of Time - Coventry Refugee Centre 04-05, 

Thick & Thin Air - Painting at University of Warwick 02 –‘03

The Space of Painting - Performing Arts Dept. Coventry University: 'OO-‘O1

Awarded Arts Council of England funding for community art photo projects projects 2004

Working with all communities, councils, Galleries & Museums: Rugby, Nuneaton, Coventry, Birmingham,Stratford, Worcester, Leeds, Maidenhead Arts Centre and more, All faiths, Churches, Mosques, Gurdwara's and more, Charities and social groups, able and disabled. 

Awarded the Warwickshire Community Arts training certificate 2010

With over ten years professional art tutoring training and experience for adult education services, now travelling nationally to provide

Tutoring & workshops for schools & all communities and ages, ages 6 + 

·         Drawing & Painting – techniques, drawing from photos, still life, imagination, life drawing, landscapes and portraits. Pastels, charcoal, water colour, acrylics, oil paint. Practice & theory of colour. Using pen and ink, coloured ink, collage and more..

·         Murals – leading the group through the process and techniques of mural design and making. Learning using acrylics or spray, scaling up and masking.

·         Sculpture – learn to design, draw and make 3- D figures, using card, clay or found materials, including recycling.

·         Photography & picture editing – using compact and dslr, theory & practice of photography, Adobe Photoshop, web design, and more..

·         Mono Printing – using rollers and ink printing colours

 Also working with schools to devise & deliver workshops in relation to specific briefs and gallery exhibitions, or curriculum. Tel: 07774026169

 Recent workshops: mono printing with Newdigate Primary pupils at Astley Castle open day with the landmark Trust. Edgewick primary School: techniques of drawing, drawing from still life, self-portraits, pastels & collage relating to the ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ exhibition at the Herbert

Previously: King Charles 1st School & 6th form, Kidderminster -- primary and 6 form pupils, drawing & painting, MuralsCaistor Grammar school nr Scunthorpe multi cultural art workshops, mono print W/C, acrylics & charcoal. Leicester C of E school: drawing & 3D modelling. -

Mark Stammers – Visual & Fine Art                            Tel: 07774026169 




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