Sally Lemsford



I work collaboratively, addressing social issues by setting up encounters for specific situations in public spaces. I make temporary relationships with diverse people in their own locality - shared experiences of art as process, art as traces, art as an intervention.

By setting up a thinking space where least expected, I give people the opportunity to look afresh at their own space, to consider and reflect on their everyday experiences, stories and moments in Modes of exchange, value and status are threads that have been consistently through my work. I look from different perspectives, notice the everyday out of place, can spot the less obvious and the surreal and am intrigued by voices from the immediate and distant past where historical fact and storytelling intertwine. 


Past Events

Sat 30th June, 2012

Flaming Skirt Festival

Flaming Skirt Festival


Flaming Skirt Festival is an arts festival travelling round to 6 locations in Amber Valley on 30 June 2012 between 10.30am and 10pm Read More »


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