EMPAF at ICAF 2011

EMPAF at ICAF 2011

Wed 6th April, 2011 by

EMPAF took a delegation of 21 people to provide a diverse and rich representation of the participatory arts from the East Midland to the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) in Rotterdam last weekend.

Delegates attended events, took part in workshops and debates and talked about the work of their organisations (mid range and small) as well as taking part in a market place event to present on EMPAF.

EMPAF Federation members Soft Touch Arts and Charnwood Community Arts were also invited by ICAF to directly take part in the festival programme. In the pre-festival period, Soft Touch took their mobile Mash-Up studio to the Helderheidsplein as well as a couple of the young people from Leicester to work as peer educators in Rotterdam.

Charnwood Arts ran two frenetic and fun workshops aimed at generating a fully designed web-based, downloadable publication, featuring the collective work of the workshop participants and others before the end of the conference!

Featuring techniques to get people writing, drawing, sharing, singing, moving, photographing, talking and emptying their pockets in a meaningful way, they got people talking, interacting, preparing and creating materials for the original publication.

EMPAF has developed a strong relationship with ICAF over the last couple of years which has also involved two visits by ICAF Director Eugene Van Erven to the region, including as a guest speaker at the EMPAF National Conference 2009.

As we plan our progression we hope that this relationship will continue to develop and will keep you posted.


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