Access the Evidence: Youth Arts Transforms Lives – a new publication for the sector

Access the Evidence: Youth Arts Transforms Lives – a new publication for the sector

Wed 10th August, 2011 by ENYAN (English National Youth Arts Network)

Artswork, the national youth arts development agency, provides fresh evidence to demonstrate the transformational power of the arts to make positive changes to the lives of young people with an innovative new publication.

Supported by the voices and views of young people and endorsed by leading national and international arts, creative and cultural figures, a new publication: ‘Youth Arts Transforms Lives’ - illustrates the real impact of participation in the arts and culture with, for and by young people.

The publication can be found by following this link:

Resulting from Artswork’s year-long national campaign for the English National Youth Arts Network, ‘Youth Arts Transforms Lives – FACT!’ highlights the impact of a resilient, forward-thinking, innovative Youth Arts sector. It is reflective of the creative experiences and flexibility it offers to young people.

Furthermore, the endorsing statements and exemplary articles focus on ways in which engagement in the arts and culture results in real, definable and unequivocal positive outcomes for young people.

The statistics, case studies and articles drawn together from across England demonstrate the highest quality of Youth Arts practice currently being delivered by youth and arts organisations nationally. It includes awe-inspiring accounts from young people who recount their own personal experiences and journeys of learning through participation in the arts.

Access the resource for full information on the background of the campaign or contact Artswork direct via or tel: 023 80682 535


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