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We have received details from The Mighty Creatives (TMC) about their current survey on arts and cultural provision for children and young people in the East Midlands. We ask that you consider completing the survey, as we believe it is important that as wide a representation as possible of participatory and community arts activity from around the region is represented. Deadline 7th March.

The link is

Here is the information from TMC:

The Mighty Creatives (TMC) has appointed Focus consultants to undertake an independent review of children and young people's engagement and participation in the arts and cultural offer of the region. The work is being carried out in the lead up to TMC's new responsibilities as a National Portfolio Organisation with a Bridge role, helping to achieve Art Council England's goal to ensure every child and young person experiences the richness of the arts.

We are contacting you due to your involvement with one of the region's libraries, arts, museums and cultural organisations. We are particularly interested in your provision of services for children and young people and any your views you may have about their future or changing needs.

We would be grateful if you could click on the link below and take 10 minutes to answer our questions.

The closing date for return of questionnaires is Friday 7th March 2012.

Many thanks

The Mighty Creatives

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