Arts Council's New Structure - Alan Davey

Arts Council's New Structure - Alan Davey

Tue 6th November, 2012 by

The recent announcement of the Arts Council’s new structure.

"The changes have come about as a result of the Government’s requirement that we reduce our administrative costs – as applied to our grant in aid for the arts - by 31 March 2015.

Making savings on this scale has required a major restructure and a substantial reduction in staff numbers. Given our already pared down structure, this has been challenging to achieve. It will require us to work in new ways.

In shaping the new structure we have been guided by the principle of remaining one national organisation with local presence, able to continue to deliver our strategic goals over 10 years Achieving great art for everyoneand Culture, knowledge and understanding: great museums and libraries for everyone.

There is an absolute need for the Arts Council to remain an intelligent funder, encouraging and enabling growth and ambition in an arts and cultural sector which contributes so much to the wealth, quality of life and reputation of the country.

We are protecting the relationship management and the artistic and cultural expertise we know our colleagues in the sector value but we must be pragmatic. We will be smaller – we are losing 117.5 posts. We’ll do less and we’ll do it differently – but what I can say to you is that with your help we’ll continue to advocate for arts and culture at a national and local level.

Full details of the new structure can be found

Over the next year we’ll continue to discuss the implications of the structure with you and find new ways of working together.

Given the continued pressures on public spending, we must all be aware of the possibility of future cuts. It’s likely we’ll have an indication of any changes to the current spending period, and a date for the next spending review, or whatever kind of process is put in place from the Chancellor’s autumn statement (on 5 December).

I do want to be clear that the Arts Council has, as yet, received no definitive indication from government of further cuts to arts and cultural funding, but we are nonetheless making the case for maintaining current levels of funding in our regular discussions with Government.

We would like you all to join us in making a clear case to government and to audiences for continued public investment in arts and culture, showing how we add value culturally, socially and economically to the UK. As things become clearer, we will let you know how you can best help. As much as anything, continuing to produce artistic and cultural experiences that people want, and continuing to show ingenuity in how you do it, is the best advert for how effective we are as a sector.

The staff of the Arts Council will ensure that they continue to work with you to help you do your job. We will be working hard to ensure we remain a responsive organisation, and we’ll be out to see your work. If at times we do seem a little preoccupied, please forgive us. We will end up with a good and strong organisation that can serve the culture sector well. "

Alan Davey

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