ArtWorks Development Grants call for proposals

Wed 1st April, 2015 by EMPAF - SIGNPOSTING

To coincide with the publication of our key findings and recommendations we are launching a new call for proposals for grants of up to £3,500 to support projects that apply and embed the learning from ArtWorks.

We want to hear from partners who wish to develop one (or more) of the following:

  • networks bringing together artists, employers and training and development providers to achieve something new;
  • continuing professional development (CPD) provision supporting artists at different stages of their careers which builds on the models and learning approaches developed during ArtWorks;
  • projects involving partnerships between different groups such as employers/commissioners, artists and training providers, that engage the employers in the provision of training and development opportunities.

The aim of these small grants is to continue developing opportunities for partnership working between artists, employers/commissioners and training and development providers (including further education colleges and higher education institutions) to strengthen support for artists working in participatory settings. We want to encourage the take-up and further development of models, solutions and propositions that ArtWorks has generated over the last four years and to engage with new partners.

This call for proposals follows the launch of the report, ArtWorks: Reflections on developing practice in participatory settings and the linked recommendations in ArtWorks: A call to action. These publications outline a series of actions we believe will lead to long term change in the way that artists are supported.

Download the ArtWorks Development Grants call for proposals here.

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