EMPAF Resources / The Business of Dreams - Participatory Arts Case Studies from the East Midlands

The Business of Dreams - Participatory Arts Case Studies from the East Midlands

Since the beginning of 2010 EMPAF has been collating 'Stories' of the participatory arts in the East Midlands region. Under the title of "The Business of Dreams - Where Once There Were Dragons, Now There Are Day Jobs" these stories, together with a range of case studies due for publication in May 2012, form the start of what we hope will be an interesting, wide ranging and useful collection of articles.

The following stories are currently available to download as PDF’s.If you would like a large print (16pt) text only copy in Word, please email jane@empaf.com

- A Different Organisational Model for Different Times by Geoff Rowe, Big Difference Company

- Being Unique: artsNK – by Elaine Knight, ArtsNK

- Branded by Art Form by Kevin Hodgetts and Isabel Jones, Salamanda Tandem

- City Arts, Nottingham by Madeline Holmes

- Community Arts: to Capital Build and Back. A Potted History of Derby QUAD by Jan Reynolds

- Connecting Communities Through Arts and Culture - by Kevin Ryan, Charnwood Arts

- CONVERSATIONS AND DIALOGUES: Rural Participatory Arts (Junction Arts) by Tina Glover M.B.E

- First Movement’s Level Project by Peter Shelton, First Movement

- Issue Based Youth Justice Work by Helen Pearson, Soft Touch Arts

- Kiss and Tell: Mantle Arts & NW Leicestershire District Council by Matthew Pegg

- Playing on the Grass: Planning and working with people in a rural context: Hilton and Hatton, South Derbyshire, by Julie Batten, People Express

- Putting Arts and Health on the Agenda by Alison Bowry, High Peak Community Arts

- RURBAN: Music re-defining communities and territories by Sarah Laman, Fleet Arts, incorporating discussions with Julian Butt, TIU music development worker.

- Working with the Geography by Susan Smith, Wash Arts

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